Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3-D Projects from Grade 3:
Dinosaur paper mache sculptures and Clay Vases from Ancient Greece!

Grade 4 Triaramas: Create a room of your own using 3-D folding techniques with colored paper.
These were so charming!

After Picasso's work, Three Musicians: Grade 4 collages 3 person bands of their own design!

Grade 2 Self Portraits!

Second graders looked at the colorful cut-out collage work of artist Henri Matisse, along with some of his line drawn portraits. They combined the two kinds of work by drawing their own portrait over a freeform collage. After that was done, they transferred the drawing, using a rubbing technique and painted it on a new sheet of paper using only one set of complementary colors.


Student work created for our Square 1 art school fundraiser: