Friday, April 6, 2018

Fifth graders made miniature clay animals using a simple pinch technique. For decoration, they were inspired by looking at carved and painted wooden animals from the artists of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Some very festive results!

Zebra collage drawings in K-1!

We studied how to search for familiar shapes when looking at an animal that we might like to draw.
Beginning with these basic shapes, we built a zebra, then trimmed the pieces to make it look more realistic. We added the black parts, then after a discussion about where these animals live in Africa and what they need to survive, they finished the picture with the goal of filling in all of the background space.

Grade 2 studied Still Life composition by making a colorful fruit bowl collage. They began by cutting a symmetrical bowl, then had the goal of filling the bowl to the top and sides of the page with fruits and vegetables made with folded symmetrical cutting. Once the collage was finished, the created a table at the bottom, covered with a patterned table cloth. They filled in all of the rest with colors and patterns of their choice. These beautiful colors livened up our hallways in the middle of March!