Friday, June 16, 2017

K-1 art classes painted their own jungle pictures after looking at the work of artist Henri Rousseau. Rousseau was a naive artist, who trained himself. Although he never left France, all of his paintings were of exotic, far off places. He got his inspiration from books, museum and conservatory visits, and his own imagination.

They were encouraged to show overlapping in the picture to make the jungle appear deep and full. We brainstormed a list of things that you might see in a jungle, including monkeys, tigers, snakes, fruits, flowers, vines, and lots of different kinds of leaves.

I originally found this lesson here:

Mrs. Brown's sample painting of a Rousseau style jungle

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3-D Projects from Grade 3:
Dinosaur paper mache sculptures and Clay Vases from Ancient Greece!

Grade 4 Triaramas: Create a room of your own using 3-D folding techniques with colored paper.
These were so charming!

After Picasso's work, Three Musicians: Grade 4 collages 3 person bands of their own design!

Grade 2 Self Portraits!

Second graders looked at the colorful cut-out collage work of artist Henri Matisse, along with some of his line drawn portraits. They combined the two kinds of work by drawing their own portrait over a freeform collage. After that was done, they transferred the drawing, using a rubbing technique and painted it on a new sheet of paper using only one set of complementary colors.


Student work created for our Square 1 art school fundraiser: